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Epoxy Pattern & Tooling Materials

Our range of epoxy tooling boards are recognised for their superior surface finish, dimensional stability and ability to maintain tolerances even after being subjected to temperature variations. The boards are easily processed offering practical solutions to a range of diverse applications from the production of patterns and moulds to the creation of prototype products and assembly fixtures. The reputation of our market leading, high quality, consistent and high performance materials can be found across multiple industry sectors including motorsport, automotive and aerospace.

We off a range of ancillary products to complement our pattern materials; this includes a range of adhesive repair pastes, surface coatings and release agents with both water based and solvent based carriers.

Tooling Board

Our product range includes:


High Temperature Epoxy Tooling Board

Our premium high performance epoxy tooling board is the preferred solution across multiple advanced manufacturing applications within automotive, aerospace & formula 1. 978 is ideally suited to harsh environments where dimensional stability is critical. This has been achieved by carefully selecting specific reactive polymers to enhance mechanical & thermal properties of the resin matrix. 978 is suitable for a range of applications including, master models, automotive dies, lay up tools for pre-preg and other high temperature applications.


Intermediate Temperature Epoxy Tooling Board

600 was developed to meet the specific requirements at low and intermediate process temperatures within advanced composite applications where the environment is less demanding. Its closed cell provides good surface aspect and is easy to hand finish. 600 provides an effective solution where budgetary constraints have a significant impact on the viability of the project.

Other applications include; fixtures, master models, vacuum forming tools.


High Temperature Epoxy Tooling Board

BE265 is a high temperature toughened epoxy modelling material developed to meet the demand of applications where superior surface finish and dimensional stability are essential. It's market-leading coefficient of thermal expansion and thermal performance coupled with excellent toughness make it the solution for the most demanding applications.


Epoxy Tooling Board

BE769 is a toughened epoxy modelling material known for its superior surface finish, dimensional stability and its ability to maintain tolerances even after being subjected to temperature variations. Its high resilience and thermal fatigue resistance make it an ideal candidate for all high temperature applications such as direct tooling where it helps to maintain high detail quality after repetitive thermal cycling.

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