The solution for deep sea buoyancy applications

High Performance,
Ultra-Low Density Syntactic Material

Our specialist ultra-low density syntactic materials with densities ranging from 385 – 650 kg/m3 are designed and qualified for use in seawater depths of up to 11,500 metres.

Comprising high grade hollow glass microspheres (HGMS) and a novel thermoset polymer matrix, our syntactic materials are formulated to produce ultra-high strength-to-weight materials with excellent water ingress resistance. This makes them the ideal solution for deep sea applications such as remotely operated vehicles (ROV), autonomous underwater vehicles (AUV) and human-operated vehicles (HOV)

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From Blocks to Finished Modules

Our syntactic materials are cast into standard block sizes, enabling us to provide both
standard blocks ready for assembly or finished buoyancy modules through our inhouse design and engineering capabilities.

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About Base

The Base Group is recognised as a world class provider of innovative

This reputation stems from our continuous investment
in R&D and our desire to drive technology forward. We create value
across the entire manufacturing process providing a positive end
user experience for our aerospace, automotive, defence, foundry,
industrial, marine, subsea, motorsport and rail customers.

Building on our extensive knowledge and expertise of working with
composite materials, Base has now developed our own
range of syntactic materials specifically
formulated for deep sea buoyancy applications.

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Deep Sea Buoyancy Applications

Our range of syntactic materials are suitable for a range
of subsea application such as remotely operated vehicles (ROV),
autonomous underwater vehicles (AUV) and human operated vehicles (HOV).