Composite Material Suppliers

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Composite Material Suppliers

Base Materials are composite material suppliers of styling, modelling, pattern and tooling materials. These have a wide range of end-use applications, ranging from composites, mould and tool manufacture, modelling and concept development, vacuum forming and rapid prototyping.

Industry sectors these are used in include aerospace, automotive, defence, foundry, industrial, marine, motorsport and rail sectors.

Composite Tooling Manufacturers

Being trusted composite tooling manufacturers, we are experienced in working with high-profile companies from the initial product development drawings, through to creating a unique accurate product.

Our knowledge of the materials we work with is extensive, so we can recommend the relevant materials to best achieve your requirements. We supply a range of dimensions, board thickness and densities, all with an excellent surface finish, matched adhesives and sealers. These regularly are then used in jigs, fixtures, thermoforming and foundry tools.

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Composite Materials Companies

We are a composite material company with a difference, working with Polyurethane and Epoxy materials due to its versatility and fit for client purpose. Polyurethane material is proven to outwear other materials in most cases, where abrasion is a concern. It is vastly superior to rubber, plastics and metal making it very preferable.

Our high-density Epoxy tooling boards are built to withstand high temperature and toughened to meet the high demands of clients needs, giving you the flexibility to create your perfect product or prototype.

Composite Material Suppliers – Contact Us Today!

Contact Base Materials today to discuss creating vacuum forming materials and more. We are well-known for going above and beyond, often assisting with advice and training on using our tooling board materials to achieve your final project goals. We are a Composite Material Suppliers with a difference!

Our solid team of technical experts are happy to help wherever we can, having built strong relationships over the past 15 years, providing industry-leading products for some of the most recognisable brands in the world.