Epoxy Adhesives & Polyurethane Adhesives 

Base Materials provide filled and unfilled systems in a range of working times. Once cured, the product achieves exceptional mechanical and thermal characteristics. The specially formulated adhesives are perfectly suited for the bonding of epoxy and polyurethane tooling boards.



Typical Applications

Features and Benefits

BB551 rapid setting low viscosity adhesive

Consists of a two part component, rapid setting, low viscosity, epoxy system designed for use in medium to high temperature applications.

System gels at room temperature. Requires a post cure to achieve maximum properties.

BB570 density adhesive

Consists of a two component epoxy system designed for use where a matched density is required when using BB978 and BB769 epoxy tooling boards. It can also be used in many other bonding applications.

The paste application gives an open time, ideal for large blocking requirements. System gels at room temperature. Requires a post cure to achieve maximum properties.

BB580 toughened epoxy system

A two component  toughened epoxy system designed for use where thermal and/or mechanical cycling is likely to occur.

The mixed viscosity of BB580 allows for very thin bond lines.

BB590 high temperature adhesive

Designed for use in high temperature applications, giving excellent impact performance.

Non thixotropic, giving very thin bond lines.


Epoxy Repair Paste

The repair paste we supply has been specifically formulated to allow the repair of small holes and imperfections created by machining and/or handling.

The product is quick and easy to work with, curing in 5 minutes at ambient temperature, then able to be sanded to required finish.




BB879 Rapid Setting Repair Paste

Rapid setting repair paste is designed for use with epoxy tooling boards.

Easy to work with

Five minute curing time at ambient temperature

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