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BE769 Intermediate Toughened Epoxy Tooling Board

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BE769 Intermediate Toughened Epoxy Tooling & Modelling Board

BE769 is a toughened epoxy modelling material known for its superior finish, dimensional stability and its ability to maintain tolerances even after being subjected to temperature variations. For example, direct tooling where it helps maintain high detail quality following repetitive thermal-cycling.

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Ideal applications for high temperature epoxy materials:

  • Master models
  • Short run direct mould applications for prepreg carbon fibre
  • Automotive die model
  • Vacuum forming at intermediate temperatures
  • Lay-up tools for low and medium temperature curing prepreg
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Benefits Include:

  • High resilience and thermal fatigue resistance
  • Ability to withstand high temperature variations
  • Suitable for use up to 150 Celsius

Available in range of modelling and tooling board dimensions, with matched materials in sealers, adhesives, surface coating and release agents.