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Epoxy Material Suppliers UK

Base materials are leading Epoxy Suppliers UK, supplying composite tooling board, design and styling boards and corresponding ancillary materials across a wide range of industries. We are world-renowned manufacturers of epoxy pattern and tooling blocks, including high-temperature epoxy materials.

Our epoxy pattern and tooling board solutions are mostly used in formula 1, motorsport, supercar and marine sectors and anywhere else toughened and high-temperature materials are required.

Our range of epoxy boards withstands the demands of even the toughest applications across the manufacturing, aerospace, rail and creative industries. They are available in a range of boards sizes, with matched adhesives, surface coating and release agents.

Epoxy Tooling Board Suppliers

Advantages of toughened epoxy modelling material are:

  • High thermal fatigue resistance
  • Smooth surface finish, free from porosity
  • Dimensional stability
  • Ability to remain solid under high-temperature variations
  • Suitable for use up to 150 Celsius
  • Strong, resilient product. Easy to work with, producing accurate results

Epoxy Molding Compound Supplier

Base materials are chosen epoxy material suppliers and epoxy molding compound supplier for experts in relevant industries. Our range of epoxy pattern and tooling materials are carefully considered and made suitable for manufacturing high-quality prepreg tools, master models and moulds.

We have many years of experience in the development of mould and pattern tools to perfect out the product offering. We always go the extra mile to assist with advice and training on using epoxy tooling board materials to achieve your final project goals.

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