Model Boards

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Model Boards

Model Boards, which can also be referred to as Tooling Board is a versatile material used in various industries such as manufacturing, motorsport and foundry to make prototypes and full-scale product designs.

Base Materials supply model board in various densities and dimensions and it is then shaped usually via CNC machinery or in some cases by hand. Both our Polyurethane and Epoxy Model Boards - the higher the density of the board the harder it is to work with by hand.

Epoxy Model Boards

Epoxy Model Boards are best suited to applications which require high heat usage up to 205 degrees such as in carbon fibre parts and high-quality prepreg tools. It is a strong, resilient product with superior dimensional stability. To support our Epoxy pattern and tooling materials, we produce a full range of ancillary products including adhesives, sealers, release agents and repair pastes.

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Polyurethane Model Boards

Polyurethane Model Board is usually used in model making, mock-ups and prototypes as well as vacuum forming. It is strong and easy to work with, producing excellent results. Base materials offer low, medium and high-density model boards to suit your application need. We also supply matched adhesives to aid in model making and construction.

Model Board Suppliers UK

Contact Base Materials today to order model and tooling boards. We are experts in the industry, working with leading brands, assisting with advice and training on achieving your final project goals.

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