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Polyurethane Suppliers

Polyurethane Model Board

Base materials are polyurethane suppliers, offering a wide range of polyurethane styling, modelling and tooling boards. We supply industry-leading products to the motorsport, automotive, aerospace industry and many more, working with our clients from the initial development stage through to the final product.

Polyurethane Suppliers UK

Polyurethane is a unique material that offers the elasticity of rubber, combined with the toughness and durability of metal. Due to its versatility, Polyurethane is proven to outwear other materials in many cases, when abrasion is a factor. It is vastly superior to rubber, plastics and metal in many applications.

We choose to be Polyurethane suppliers due to this and it being easy to work with and mould producing accurate results for our clients. We supply in a range of dimensions, board thickness and densities, all with an excellent surface finish and matched adhesives.

Our Polyurethane high-density boards are designed with the end-use in mind, built to withstand high temperature and toughened to meet the high demands of industry requirements. These are then used in jigs, fixtures, thermoforming and foundry tools.

We also supply low-density foams for use in design and prototyping projects, and medium density boards mainly for concept modelling and vacuum forming.

Polyurethane Manufacturers UK

We provide a specialised polyurethane manufacturer service, which is dedicated to meeting our client requirements. With experienced tooling capabilities on-site, we present a high standard of moulded components and materials. We can help advice and train on using Polyurethane tooling board materials to achieve your project goals.

Base materials are trusted polyurethane suppliers, with many years’ experience in providing epoxy and polyurethane modelling and tooling boards for recognisable brands. You can be confident that you will receive a quality product with full communication to ensure it meets your exact requirements.

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