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Base Materials has a variety of industrial sealers - including epoxy and polyurethane - and semi-permanent release agent technology (SPMRA) using both solvent-based and water-based carriers.

All products are supplied by Marbocote, who manufacture high technology, semi-permanent mould seal and release agents.

Marbocote Release Agent & Mould Industrial Sealers

The product offering is tailored to meet the specific needs of thermoset resins including epoxy, polyester, vinyl ester, cyanate ester, phenolic and BMI. These can be used across a wide range of processes including tooling, wet lay-up, resin infusion, vacuum bagging, autoclave, RTM, casting, compression moulding, injection moulding and transfer moulding.

Product Description Tool & Mould Making VE & PE Resins Epoxy Resins
Tooling Board Mould Renovation Gel Coat Non-Gel Coat Matt RTM / Infusion Prepreg
Mould Sealer High gloss mould sealer
MTS 12 High gloss mould sealer
RS 415 High gloss mould sealer
HP 3181 Black high gloss tool sealer
HP 2002 High gloss tool sealer
HP7 High gloss release agent
TRE 45 ECO Aerospace approved release agent
227CEE Wipe on only release agent
220 Wipe on gloss release agent
W2494 Water based wipe and spray
W1151B Water based wipe and spray
W500 Water based sprayable
W510 Water based sprayable