Tooling Board - Epoxy & Polyurethane

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Tooling Boards

Tooling boards or modelling boards are the trusted material choice for many industries used to make prototype models and designs across industries such as the aerospace, motorsport and industrial industry. The main reason for their use is to see a visual representation of a design, which is more cost-effective than producing numerous final versions of a design.

Mould and pattern tools need to meet the various demands of the marketplace. We are experts in supplying to many high-profile clients, from working closely with Formula 1 manufacturers through to Foundry and Industrial applications of hammer forming, foundry, moulds and machine fixtures.

You can be confident that our tooling boards are suitable for any applications requiring toughened and high-temperature materials.

High-Temperature Epoxy Tooling Board

Epoxy Tooling Board is a commonly used material, which produces highly accurate moulds and patterns, often using CNC machining. Epoxy is normally chosen for high-temperature applications where dimensional stability is essential, as it won’t inhibit the cure of prepregs.

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Why Use Epoxy Tooling Board?

Epoxy Tooling Boards are used for all forms of carbon fibre production and vacuum forming materials including prepreg tooling, moulds and composites.

It is often chosen for use in high-temperature applications, as it provides a consistent performance level up to 205 degrees.

Epoxy tooling board is a versatile product that is very easy to work with. It is strong and resilient with excellent internal consistency, allowing you to produce highly accurate patterns and moulds.

It is also available in many different board thicknesses up to 200mm, to suit design plans. As well as this, it is extremely low co-efficient in terms of thermal expansion.

Polyurethane Tooling Board

Polyurethane tooling boards are lightweight model boards heavily used in the automotive industry, and anywhere where prototype modelling work is required. We supply them in a variety of thicknesses and density.

Our Polyurethane tooling boards are frequently used in design and styling for concept car modelling We offer a comprehensive range of tooling boards to withstand tough demands when used across the manufacturing, aerospace, rail and creative industries.

Why Use Polyurethane Tooling Board?

Polyurethane tooling boards are used in lower temperature applications. They are stable and easy to mould material, producing an excellent surface finish. They are lightweight and versatile, suitable to be styled via CNC machining or by hand.

Applications, where Polyurethane is an ideal choice, include Film and TV set and prop production, architectural modelling and commercial product design models and prototypes.

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